Fidelity International vs Hargreaves Lansdown: Which is Best? 2022 (2023)

Saving for your future is a great idea and there is no shortage of companies that will help you set up an ISA, SIPP, or brokerage account. Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International are both top-tier financial service providers who offer UK savers a wide variety of investment options.

Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International are both large companies that have decades of positive performance to support their reputations. Of the two Hargreaves Lansdown has a smaller amount of assets under management, at more than £80 billion. Fidelity International has over £250 billion under management and dates back to the 1960s.

The last decade has seen a range of new investment options hit the market, and major investment companies like Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International have evolved to compete with mobile-only brokers that offer cut-rate ETFs and automated investments.

Setting up an ISA or SIPP is a very good idea. An ISA is a perfect place to stash some rainy-day funds, and if you have extra income, a SIPP is a great way to invest in your pension with a little bit of help from the UK government.

Hargreaves Lansdown & Fidelity International


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    • 2.2 ISA and SIPP Fees:
  • 3 Fidelity International—The Rundown
    • 4.1 ISA / SIPP Fees:
    • 4.2 Hargreaves Lansdown Annuities and Savings Products
  • 5 Hargreaves Lansdown—The Rundown
  • 6 What are ISAs and SIPPs?
    • 6.1 ISA
    • 6.2 SIPP
  • 7 Which Company is a Better Choice for Me?

If you are looking for an investment company that can grow with you, both Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International fit the bill.

One of the nice things about Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International is that either company can give you great investment options for an ISA, SIPP, brokerage account (taxed as normal), or all three!

It is worth remembering that while both Hargreaves Lansdown and Fidelity International have low barriers to account opening, you will need to have a small amount of money saved up to use either one of the companies.

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If this is a challenge for you, just open up a free account at one of the mobile-only retirement platforms, and then transfer it to Hargreaves Lansdown or Fidelity International later on.

The actual fees and account opening minimums are all listed below, and it won’t take long to save up enough to use either one of these companies. Once you have an account, it will be easy to expand into other services they offer if you want to.

Fidelity International—Account Types & Fees

Fidelity International vs Hargreaves Lansdown: Which is Best? 2022 (1)

Fidelity International is a global heavyweight in retail investments. It has around £80 billion in client funds under management in the UK, and more than three times that globally. The company offers many of the same types of services that Hargreaves Lansdown does.

Visit Fidelity ISA Visit Fidelity SIPP

Here are some of the account options that Fidelity International has:

  • Fidelity ISA
    Fidelity International offers UK residents an ISA account that can be opened with as little as £50 being deposited per month. The funds can be invested in a range of assets, including funds, unit trusts, and interest-bearing investments. There is no charge to open an ISA with Fidelity (other than the minimum balance), and other ISAs can be transferred to Fidelity without charge (from Fidelity).
  • Fidelity SIPP
    A Fidelity SIPP will let you put money away every year until you decide to retire (the money can generally be accessed without penalty at age 55). Unlike traditional pension plans, a SIPP allows you to stay in control of how your retirement is invested. Most of the same investment types that would be possible in a Fidelity ISA will be available to Fidelity SIPP accounts, and the fee structure (discussed below) is in-line with the rest of the industry.
  • Fidelity Junior ISA and SIPP
    In addition to ISAs and SIPPs for adults, Fidelity has account options for people under the age of 18. Both ISAs and SIPPs can be opened for people under 18 by an authorized person, and the range of investments that are available are basically the same as the ISAs and SIPPs that an adult can hold.
  • The minimum deposit is the same as an adult ISA at £50 deposited per month. At the moment a Junior ISA can be funded to the tune of £4128 per year, and a Junior SIPP will receive a 20% tax relief up to 0% tax relief for investments up to £2880 (the same as an adult SIPP), which increases the total investment to £3600 on a yearly basis.
  • Fidelity International Trading Account
    If you have already maxed out your tax-efficient retirement savings, or want to have money that can be accessed without penalty at any time, the Fidelity International Trading Account could be a good fit for you. It will allow you to invest directly in numerous ETFs and unit trusts. Any gains will be taxed normally, but you can use the money at any time, and for any reason.
  • Fidelity Pathfinder
    Fidelity Pathfinder is a program that is designed along the lines of an automated investment adviser (‘robo advisor‘). Pathfinder will ask you a number of questions about your investment goals, timeframe, and lifestyle.
  • Once it has done this, Fidelity Pathfinder will recommend investment products that fit your profile. The fees that this service would incur are based on the funds you invest in, and could reach as high as 2%+ per year. Needless to say, there are numerous robos in the marketplace that are far cheaper options.

Fidelity International vs Hargreaves Lansdown: Which is Best? 2022 (2)

Fidelity International Fee Structure

Fidelity International has a range of fees that it charges on its investment products, which will generally be added to the base costs listed below. Smaller account probably won’t have much wiggle room with these fees, but larger account holder may be able to bargain with Fidelity International over what fees are charged on their account.

ISA and SIPP Fees:

Accounts that hold less than £7,500 with Fidelity International will be charged 0.35% annually if the account holder has a regular savings plan, or £45 if they don’t. This drops to £25 for Junior ISAs, though the annual percentage is the same. Accounts with between £7,500 and £250,000 are charged 0.35% regardless of a savings plan, and accounts with between £250,000 and £1 million are charged 0.20%. At the £1 million level the fees are dropped, with the exception of the first £1 million.

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Fidelity International—The Rundown

Fidelity International has grown to become one of the world’s foremost retail investment companies by delivering solid results regardless of the market. It has a wide range of unit trusts and ETFs that its clients can invest in, and specializes in leveraging Modern Portfolio Theory for its clients.

There are many active and passive funds that Fidelity International clients can choose from, and it has account options for UK savers that want to maximize the amount of money they can set aside on a tax-efficient basis.

One of the only downsides to Fidelity International is that it doesn’t offer a way to buy and sell shares directly, which has become more popular in recent years. That said, it is easy enough to open up a brokerage or ISA account that will allow you to buy and sell shares and still use Fidelity as a place to stack up cash for the long-term.

For more information, Read our Full Review.

Visit Fidelity ISA Visit Fidelity SIPP

Hargreaves Lansdown—Account Types & Fees

Fidelity International vs Hargreaves Lansdown: Which is Best? 2022 (3)

There are a number of ISA and SIPP account types that you can invest in with Hargreaves Lansdown. The minimum amount needed to start a retirement account with the company is £100, or a commitment to deposit £25 per month with automatic deposit.

Here are the kinds of accounts you can open with Hargreaves Lansdown, and a little bit of information about what each one can do for you. If you need a short refresher about what ISAs and SIPPs are, just skip to the end of the article for a brief explanation!

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  • Hargreaves Lansdown Stocks and Shares ISA
    This account will allow you to save money in a tax-efficient way, and then invest it in a range of products that are tied to the equity markets. There are a range of ETFs and funds that can be bought, and this account will give you a way to keep track of the products you have chosen to invest in.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown Junior ISA
    If you want to start saving for your children’s future, the Hargreaves Lansdown Junior ISA lets you open an account for any child that is under 18 years of age. Once your child reaches 18 years of age, this account will have to be rolled over to an account that is for adults.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown Lifetime ISA (aka LISA)
    The Hargreaves Lansdown LISA account is designed for UK residents who want to take advantage of the UK government’s program that allows them to receive a 25% contribution bonus on savings that are earmarked for the down payment on a first property. The LISA account would make a great next step for parents who set up a Junior ISA and want to help their children save for a home of their own. Hargreaves Lansdown has created a LISA factsheet that will help you understand how this program works, and how to best take advantage of your savings.
  • Hargreaves Investment trusts
    Hargreaves Investment Trusts are listed on the LSE and traded as funds. These trusts are very similar to an ETF and need to be researched before they are bought for your ISA (a good idea, not a requirement). These trusts can be bought with Hargreaves Lansdown’s ISAs, as well as the Vantage SIPP, which will be discussed below.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown Fund and Share Account
    A Hargreaves Lansdown Fund and Share Account will give you the ability to trade in funds and shares from a single account. Both ISAs and SIPPs can use this service and invest directly in publicly traded companies, as well as exchange-traded funds. There are fees associated with trading shares and funds, and they vary depending on what kind of instruments you trade.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP
    Hargreaves Lansdown has a SIPP program that has been awarded for its excellence. The program will help you find the best ways to save for your retirement or keep track of the investments you have already made. Hargreaves Lansdown can be a one-stop-shop for all of your retirement planning and offers a wide range of options in both debt and equity investments that you control.
  • Hargreaves Lansdown Vantage Stocks and Shares ISA/SIPP
    Hargreaves Lansdown has accounts that allow anyone who is eligible for an ISA or SIPP which will allow them to diversify their assets into stocks and shares. The assets that are invested in these self-directed accounts will be freely invested by the account’s owner and will be subject to the following fees.

Fidelity International vs Hargreaves Lansdown: Which is Best? 2022 (4)

ISA / SIPP Fees:

Hargreaves Lansdown will charge 0.45% per year on the initial £250,000 that is deposited in one of their ISAs. If the amount on deposit is between £250,000 and £1 million, the rate drops to 0.25%. For accounts over £1 million, the rate Hargreaves Lansdown charges falls to 0.1%, and at the £2 million level, there is no fee to invest your ISA with the company.

Depending on the kind of financial instruments you choose to invest in, there could be additional fees. Some funds and trading activities will incur costs, which will be added to the above-listed fees. There is no charge to open an ISA or SIPP with Hargreaves Lansdown, and old funds can be transferred to the company without additional charges.

Hargreaves Lansdown Annuities and Savings Products

In addition to offering funds and shares, Hargreaves Lansdown can help you sort through annuities and savings products from third-parties. Annuities aren’t as popular as they once were, but they may make sense for some retired persons. Hargreaves Lansdown can also help you to sort through the numerous savings products that are easy to invest in, and gain a risk-free return on your capital.

Hargreaves Lansdown—The Rundown

Hargreaves Lansdown is a solid choice for anyone who wants to deal with a top-tier investment firm that has a wide range of products and services.

Like many investment firms, Hargreaves Lansdown is competing in an economy where investors have many more options at lower rates. This has driven the fees that larger investment companies like Hargreaves Lansdown can charge lower, and today, the fees at the company are very competitive.

Recently Hargreaves Lansdown eliminated an ‘exit fee’ that had been a point of contention, which had charged investors when they moved money outside of the company. Now it is totally free to both enter and exit the Hargreaves Lansdown family of funds and services, regardless of where the money is coming from or going.

Overall, Hargreaves Lansdown is a good investment company for anyone who wants to set money aside for the future, and have loads of options for investing it.

For more information, Read our Full Review.

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What are ISAs and SIPPs?

As promised, here is a (very) brief explanation of what an Individual Savings Account (ISA) and a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) are:


An ISA is a tax-efficient way to set money aside for your retirement or a number of other things. Qualified UK residents can set aside up to £20,000 on an annual basis, and withdraw that money tax-free, as long as it is used for an approved reason.

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  • Guide to Cash ISAs
  • Guide to Lifetime ISAs


A SIPP is an account that is to be used specifically for your retirement. Qualified UK residents can save as much as £40,000 on a yearly basis, and the UK government will add an additional 20% to whatever is saved. The money can’t be touched until you are 55, and will be taxed when it is taken out of the SIPP (with the exception of a one-time lump sum payment at 55, which can be up to 25% of the account).

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Which Company is a Better Choice for Me?

It is impossible to make general statements about how well either Fidelity International or Hargreaves Lansdown would work for your individual investment needs. Both companies have a great track record of riding out market turbulence, and both offer a huge variety of investment options.

One of the biggest things that both platforms lack is a deep automated investment platform, which have become extremely popular. Both have a version of a robo advisory service, but if you are looking for top-tier automated investment, you might want to look at another company. We go into more detail about robo advisors here.

On the other hand, Fidelity International and Hargreaves Lansdown offer a huge range of funds and savings options, and both have a range of options when it comes to how you interact with the company. If you don’t like the idea of being stuck with a mobile app to manage your retirement, these companies are great options.

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Of course, the electronic and mobile interfaces that Fidelity International and Hargreaves Lansdown have created are great and totally fine for a younger person who can’t stand waiting on the phone to talk to a human. So far as creditworthiness goes, it is hard to find better companies in the retail investment market.

If you are considering setting up an ISA or SIPP, both Fidelity International & Hargreaves Lansdown are worth your consideration. Either one will be able to give you a huge range of investment options and make sure you have easy access to both high and low-risk investments.



Which is better Fidelity or Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Hargreaves Lansdown vs Fidelity - services

While Hargreaves Lansdown has a handful of its own funds, as well as ready-made portfolios, Fidelity has a broader and more established range of funds and also has a separate platform, Fidelity Fundsnetwork, which is used by financial advisers.

Which is better Fidelity investment or Fidelity International? ›

Fidelity Investments scored higher in 5 areas: Culture & Values, Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Both tied in 5 areas: Overall Rating, Diversity and Inclusion, Work-life balance, Senior Management and Compensation & Benefits.

Is Fidelity International a good investment? ›

Fidelity International has low trading and non-trading fees, and there are also no deposit or withdrawal fees. The web and mobile platforms are well-designed and user-friendly, and there are many useful research tools, including expert articles and trading ideas. It is a good choice for beginner investors.

What is the rank of Fidelity International? ›

Fidelity International ranks 28th in the Financial System Benchmark.
Measurement areaScoreRank (0-395)
Measurement area Adhering to societal conventionsScore 4.0 /30Rank (0-395): #177
2 more rows

Are Hargreaves Lansdown charges too high? ›

It's pretty expensive. There's no initial charges, so it's free to open an account and to hold cash in your account. But once you start investing, you'll be charged high fees.

Why do people use Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

We help make more of their investments by giving them the tools and information to make their own informed decisions. We aim to simplify their financial life by making it easy and straightforward to manage their savings, investments and pensions.

Who is Fidelity International competitor? ›

Fidelity International's competitors include Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Amundi, BNP Paribas Asset Management.

What is Fidelity International known for? ›

Fidelity International Ltd, or FIL for short, is a company that provides investment management services including mutual funds, pension management and fund platforms to private and institutional investors.

Who is Fidelity International owned by? ›

Our history. Established in 1969 as the international arm of Fidelity Investments, founded in Boston in 1946, Fidelity International became independent of the US organisation in 1980, and is today owned mainly by management and members of the original founding family.

Are Hargreaves Lansdown any good? ›

Our Verdict: Overall, it's a choice that gives you the benefits of the excellent customer service, mobile APP, educational resources and diversity of investments that HL is celebrated for. Some users, especially those with larger portfolios, may find the fees higher than other platforms.

What is the rate of return for Fidelity International Index Fund? ›

Lipper Ranking & Performance
Fund ReturnIndex (S&P 500)
3yr 210.89%13.74%
5yr 23.41%10.73%
10yr 24.71%11.78%
1 more row

Why Fidelity is better than Vanguard? ›

While Vanguard stands out with its suite of funds, the brokerage is more limited when it comes to other offerings. However, it does allow investors to trade individual stocks and bonds. Conversely, Fidelity allows clients to invest in individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, options, mutual funds and more.

Which Fidelity International fund is best? ›

When it comes to the best Fidelity mutual fund, we recommend FSKAX. Investors who buy this fund gain exposure to the broad investable U.S. market, covering large-, mid- and small-cap stocks weighted by market cap across all sectors.

How many customers does Fidelity International have? ›

We are responsible for total client assets of USD $728.6* billion from over 2.87 million clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America and Canada.

What are the 3 largest holdings of Fidelity fund? ›

End of interactive chart.
  • AAPL. APPLE INC. 11.75%
  • LLY. LILLY (ELI) & CO. 1.92%
  • V. VISA INC CL A. 1.85%

What are the negatives of Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Hargreaves Lansdown review Fees
• Low non-trading fees• High stock and ETF fees
• Low fund fees• Currency conversion fee
• No withdrawal fee
• Low fees for funds and bonds

What is the problem for Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Hargreaves Lansdown, a top British investment platform, has been hit by a multimillion-pound lawsuit over the failure of fallen star manager Neil Woodford's equity income fund, which left hundreds of thousands of investors nursing losses.

What is the rating for Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Hargreaves Lansdown customer reviews

Hargreaves Lansdown is rated as 'Excellent' on independent customer review site Trustpilot, with a total score of 4.2 out of 5.0 from over 7,500 reviews. Many of the positive reviews mention great customer service and excellent tools and research features.

Who are Hargreaves Lansdown main competitors? ›

The best investment platforms
  • Best traditional. AJ Bell. One of the cheapest traditional brokers out there, with a good reputation and established history. ...
  • Cheapest (ETFs only) InvestEngine. ...
  • Large investments. Interactive Investor. ...
  • Cheapest (ETFs only) InvestEngine. ...
  • Best overall. Moneyfarm. ...
  • Popular. Nutmeg. ...
  • Rating.
  • Rating.
Apr 5, 2023

Can I use Hargreaves Lansdown if I live abroad? ›

We do not place any restrictions on logging in to an account and placing trades while accessing an account from abroad. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are usually unsecured and therefore we would advise that you avoid using them when accessing your Hargreaves Lansdown account online abroad.

What are the competitive advantages of Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

The company has competitive advantages, in the form of (1) a strong brand name, and (2) a size advantage that allows it to invest in technology and customer services. Their financials are excellent, and they are the market leader in a growing industry.

Can you use Fidelity internationally? ›

No. Unfortunately, we do not open accounts for any new customers residing outside the United States.

What country owns Fidelity Investments? ›

Fidelity Investments is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the U.S. Headquartered in Boston, the firm offers financial products and services to more than 40 million individuals. Founded by Edward Johnson II in 1946, the company is still managed by the family who own 49% of the company.

What is the biggest investment company in the world? ›


BlackRock (BLK) is the largest investment firm in the world. It manages $8.6 trillion in assets as of Dec. 31, 2022.

Is Fidelity owned by Wells Fargo? ›

It was absorbed in 1988 in the biggest U.S. bank merger up to that point, and is today part of Wells Fargo.

How many funds does Fidelity International have? ›

More than 3,000 funds, ETFs and investment trusts are screened for performance, consistency and a range of other measures.

Is Fidelity International a Fintech? ›

Domain experts. Fintech is what we do.

Is Fidelity owned by Chase? ›

Fidelity Investments is owned by privately held FMR LLC, which is controlled by the Johnson family.

Can you use Fidelity in the UK? ›

Fidelity* is one of the leading players in the UK platform space. If we start with the positives, Fidelity has a wide range of investment choices including ETFs and investment trusts.

Is Fidelity a safe place to keep money? ›

Money held in an investment account with Fidelity is protected by SIPC insurance, which covers up to $500,000 in securities ($250,000 cash maximum) per customer. Funds held in Fidelity's cash management account are swept to partner banks and protected by FDIC insurance.

Do I own my shares on Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Your shares are held safely on your behalf by Hargreaves Lansdown Nominees Limited. However, if this is not the case and your certificates have been lost or stolen the Registrar can arrange for a duplicate certificate to be issued.

Who is Hargreaves Lansdown owned by? ›

Peter Hargreaves93,838,47419.8%
Lindsell Train Ltd.56,874,45912.0%
Stephen Philip Lansdown27,087,4195.71%
Baillie Gifford & Co.23,517,9734.96%
6 more rows
4 days ago

Does Hargreaves Lansdown charge a monthly fee? ›

There are no charges for opening an account, holding cash or inactivity.

Which Fidelity fund has the highest return? ›

8 Top-Performing Fidelity Funds for Retirement
Fidelity fundTrailing 10-year annualized return up to Feb. 28
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund (FNCMX)14.80%
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund (FBGRX)15.20%
Fidelity Select Medical Technology and Devices Portfolio (FSMEX)16%
Fidelity OTC Portfolio (FOCPX)16.60%
4 more rows
Mar 8, 2023

What is Fidelity average annual returns? ›

Fund NameMorningstar Category1 yr
Fidelity Contrafund - Class K Symbol FCNKX CUSIP 316071703 Fund # 2080Large Growth+3.64%
Fidelity Contrafund K6 Symbol FLCNX CUSIP 316071836 Fund # 2946Large Growth+4.10%
Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund - Class K Symbol FDEKX CUSIP 316066869 Fund # 2081Large Growth+0.74%
20 more rows

How much should I invest in international funds? ›

How much should be invested internationally? In general, Vanguard recommends that at least 20% of your overall portfolio should be invested in international stocks and bonds.

Who is bigger Vanguard or Fidelity? ›

Fidelity and Vanguard are two of the largest investment companies in the world. Fidelity boasts 40 million individual investors and $9.9 trillion in assets under management (AUM). Meanwhile, Vanguard has more than 30 million investors and $8.5 trillion in assets under management.

How does Fidelity make money with no fees? ›

How Fidelity makes money. Fidelity makes money from interest on cash held in custody for clients, stock loans to short-sellers, and portfolio margining.

Is Fidelity better than Schwab? ›

Schwab and Fidelity offer similar customer experiences. As a result, most types of investors can find benefits to working with either. The choice between the two may prove a matter of preferred trading instruments: Schwab is better equipped for futures (and international) trading, and only Fidelity offers forex.

What are the top performing international share funds? ›

Top performing investment funds
Fund nameAPIRReturns
3 Mth.
Global X FANG+ ETF23.47%
Aoris International Fund APIM3513AU12.13%
Microequities Global Value MicrocapMIC0003AU8.21%
22 more rows

What is the best international fund for Roth IRAs? ›

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a good way for investors to gain exposure to these three categories. The best U.S. stock ETFs for Roth IRAs are funds in a seven-way tie: IVV, VOO, SPLG, SPTM, ITOT, VTI, and BKLC. The best bond ETF for Roth IRAs is BKAG. The best global investing ETF for Roth IRAs is SPDW.

Does Fidelity have an international index fund? ›

Fidelity International Index Fund (FSPSX) | Fidelity Institutional.

Who are Fidelity's competitors in the UK? ›

The other five competitors in the top 10 list are (4.0M visits in April 2023), (199.0K visits in April 2023), (74.2K visits in April 2023), (99.2K visits in April 2023), and (517.1K visits in April 2023).

How do I trade international stocks on Fidelity? ›

From Accounts & Trade, select Update Accounts/Features and then International Trading. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Sign up for international stock trading, then choose the brokerage account you'd like to use for your trades.

Where does Fidelity rank? ›

Fidelity Brokerage: Attribute Rankings

Fidelity ranked third on five other attributes in IBD's 2023 Best Online Brokers ranking: customer service, mobile trading platform/apps, portfolio analysis & reports, site performance and timely information on market shifts.

Who is bigger Fidelity or BlackRock? ›

BlackRock Funds top the list in terms of assets held by a single fund family, followed by other familiar names such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab, State Street Global Advisors, and Fidelity Investments.

Which is the best ETF from Fidelity? ›

Best Fidelity ETF #1: Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF (FTEC) A passively managed Fidelity fund, the Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF (FTEC) is a popular sector ETF that includes about 360 different tech stocks.

Is Hargreaves Lansdown trustworthy? ›

Yes, it is completely safe and trustworthy. Hargreaves Lansdown is a reputable company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which provides compensation of up to £85,000 to eligible customers if the company becomes insolvent.

Is Hargreaves Lansdown worth it? ›

Hargreaves Lansdown vs Fidelity International

Hargreaves Lansdown provides a better overall user experience with excellent tools and features and a well-designed app. Those that are new to investing may benefit from using Hargreaves Lansdown's demo account, something that Fidelity doesn't provide.

Is my money safe in fidelity? ›

With our Customer Protection Guarantee, we reimburse you for losses from unauthorized activity in your accounts. We also participate in asset protection programs such as FDIC and SIPC to help provide the best service possible. See our protection guarantee and account coverage.

Is Vanguard better than Fidelity? ›

Fidelity: 2023 Comparison. Vanguard and Fidelity are both retirement powerhouses, but Fidelity offers a more well-rounded platform that also caters to active traders. Arielle O'Shea leads the investing and taxes team at NerdWallet.

Who is head of risk at Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Shawn Gamble - Group Chief Risk Officer - Hargreaves Lansdown | LinkedIn.

How much are Hargreaves Lansdown fees? ›

Our charge to hold funds is tiered within bands and is no more than 0.45% per annum. There's no charge for holding funds in a Junior ISA.

Is there a fee to withdraw from Hargreaves Lansdown? ›

Although investments are designed for the long term there are times you will want to withdraw money. You can do this at any time. There's no charge though there may be charges for selling some investments depending on which you hold.

Is it safe to keep more than $500000 in a brokerage account? ›

Is it safe to keep more than $500,000 in a brokerage account? It is safe in the sense that there are measures in place to help investors recoup their investments before the SIPC steps in. And, indeed, the SIPC will not get involved until the liquidation process starts.

Can I take all my money out of Fidelity? ›

What's the maximum I can request to withdraw from my account? The maximum you can request to withdraw from your account online or by telephone is $100,000 per account. To request a withdrawal greater than $100,000, you must complete a paper form.

Where should I put my money in Fidelity? ›

How do you choose? It depends on why you want to invest. For retirement, options include a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, rollover IRA. For general investing and trading, investing for a big goal (like the down payment on a house), or simply giving your money the potential to grow, consider the Fidelity brokerage account.

Who is bigger Fidelity or Vanguard? ›

Fidelity and Vanguard are two of the largest investment companies in the world. Fidelity boasts 40 million individual investors and $9.9 trillion in assets under management (AUM). Meanwhile, Vanguard has more than 30 million investors and $8.5 trillion in assets under management.

Which is cheaper Fidelity or Vanguard? ›

Fidelity mutual fund costs can vary, but they often have expense ratios that are higher, especially for active funds. It's no surprise that Vanguard is cheaper here, as the firm offers many of its own funds to clients. In regards to account fees, Vanguard charges a $20 annual fee for brokerage and IRA accounts.


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