Cloud computing jobs to grow aggressively in 2022: Report (2023)

The ongoing pandemic and the surge in digital services are making

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the centerpiece of new digital experiences.
The global cloud revenue is pitched to reach $474 billion in 2022, up from $408 billion in 2021. Market research firm Gartner estimated that cloud revenue will surpass non-cloud revenue, and IT industry will see a sudden demand for professionals skilled at

cloud computing


"There is no business strategy without a cloud strategy. The adoption and interest in public cloud continues unabated as organisations pursue a "cloud first" policy for onboarding new workloads," said Milind Govekar, distinguished vice president at Gartner.

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Cloud has enabled new digital experiences such as mobile payment systems where banks have invested in startups, energy companies using cloud to improve their customers' retail experiences or car companies launching new personalisation services for customer's safety and infotainment, he added.

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Cloud computing jobs to grow aggressively in 2022: Report (1)

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Here's what the report said:

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1. Global cloud sales set to reach $474 bn in 2022 as demand surges.

2. More than 85% of organisations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025.

3. Companies will not be able to fully execute on their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native architectures and cloud computing experts.

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4. By 2025, 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, against 30% in 2021.

"Adopting cloud-native platforms means that digital or product teams will use architectural principles and capabilities to take advantage of the inherent capabilities within the cloud environment. New workloads deployed in a cloud-native environment will be pervasive, not just popular and anything non-cloud will be considered legacy," said Govekar


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