Canada Computers is rated "Bad" with 1.5 / 5 on Trustpilot (2022)

Canada Computers is rated "Bad" with 1.5 / 5 on Trustpilot (1)Canada Computers is rated "Bad" with 1.5 / 5 on Trustpilot (2)

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Canada Computers is rated "Bad" with 1.5 / 5 on Trustpilot (3)



I went online to check for Huawei…

I went online to check for Huawei Matebook 14s. The website of Canada Computers says there is a bundled free backpack. I went to their store in Burnaby and they said they didn't have the bundled free backpack and told me to try their Richmond store. I went there and the CC treated me like an idiot when I asked why the website said there is a bundled backpack and no available in both stores. I said I wanted to talk to a manager and the CC told me he was the manager, and just talk to the next sales and ignored me. Shame! Canada Computers.

Idiotic customer support!!!

I needed to change the address on a package that had been shipped it went something like this:

CC: "The item has been shipped we cannot change any details now"

Me: "So should I contact Purolator to see if they can change it"

CC: "You can try"

Purolator: "Sorry we cannot change details because CC has forced into a contract where they must authorize changes"

Me: "Purolator says they need you to authorize an address change can you do that for me?"

CC: " Sorry the package has been shipped we cannot change any details"

Now the package is sitting in a warehouse until it gets returned to sender... Extremely pathetic

Another incident is when I cancelled an order and they still shipped it out 45 minutes later... Why even include a "cancel" button if it makes a support ticket which they tend to takes multiple days to respond to...

Took my brand new Alienware r12 in…

Took my brand new Alienware r12 in because a software issue prevented me from playing COD4. Nobody could help me so I brought it in. One day, and Steve had the problem solved. I’m blown away buy the expert handling and his knowledge. I’m bringing in a bunch of donuts for him and his team.

Bad customer service

Bad customer service! Prices are high and no good policy.

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Service was horrible

Service was horrible. Had to have had about 5 service reps in the store and not one of them tried to help me find anything. They just stand around chatting with each other. This was at the Fairview Mall store in St. Catharines. Not only that but I had to ask them to move because they were in my way. Then I was told that my item could not be returned because of COVID but I was asked if I wanted extra warranty on my product without explaining anything to me. Your store is a joke!

They refused to refund my ~$1,000 RTX…

They refused to refund my ~$1,000 RTX 3070 purchase that was defective on opening.

I had to file a dispute with mastercard to get the money back, I got the money but filing disputes is bad for your credit status and because Canada Computers said it had to be broken on defect and you did something, they wouldnt refund me. They have no evidence.

Dont buy from here.

In store OK, online BRUTAL!

My son and I have always liked to pop down to Canada Computers when we wanted to buy computer parts. It's fun and the selection and prices are great. But since the pandemic started we've been shopping online more and more. And there it all falls apart. Their email flyers are incompetently incomprehensible, and their web site is mostly dead. I would not trust them online for one second. The incompetence runs so deep as to bring tears to my eyes, because I do web dev for a living and it just isn't that difficult to get it all to work. Basically, drive to one of the sites when you want parts, but NEVER EVER should you engage online with them. I've sent multiple emails to try to get them to realize how bad things are, but they seem to be unreachable. Some call them a scam ... and online, that might very well be true.

Fraudulent Behaviour

Zero Stars.
Placed order, they charged my card then sent me a text to tell me order was on hold. Made me EMAIL the accounts person (not able to phone apparently!!) who after delays emails back to state they can't prove my identity unless I send then a CC statement - this despite the fact the order, because of its value, will be delivered to the Post Office who will insist on checking my ID when I go to pick up.
They stated they will cancel the order because I'm not giving anyone information that compromises my account. Order cancelled but the money is still gone from my CC
Demanded they refund - silence - posted dispute with Credit Card company that will take up to 8 weeks to resolve!
So have also posted a fraud complaint with the RCMP. DO NOT TRUST these Chinese Owned cowboys


Awful. Made me wait on backorder for a product I could see they had in store. After weeks of waiting for it , they just canceled the order. Just terrible company , terrible customer service . 10/10 would not recommend

Do not buy anything online from their…

Do not buy anything online from their site. I ordered a monitor and was to be delivered within 2-3 business days. This is absolutely a joke, after 4 business days I called the Store, and also the online call center. There is absolutely no system in place to locate your order, or status. I chose the deliver to another store option only because of the 2-3 days option. There are close to 12 of these monitors within 40 km of my location and 5 of which are in a store only 20 min drive of my location. Now after 9 business days, they still do not know any status of the order, not a clue, they cannot even tell me if someone went and picked the order. When I stopped into the store where it is to be shipped too, they say its on a truck. And "they don't know what is coming and when, whatever is on the truck is on the truck" I have tried everything and everyone to at least call the store they ordered it from and see if it is ready to go. When I was in the oshawa store I saw another monitor for $60 more but same manufacture, style, and asked them if they would just give me that monitor for the same price since I have been put out, and also this was a birthday gift from my son. Big fat NO! The days of customer service are gone. I will never purchase through Canada computers again, simply for this lack of customer support or even care.

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0 stars if I could

0 stars if I could. To anyone reading this, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Copped myself a brand new ASUS ROG STRIX G15 out of the block with a nice ass GPU, CPU and 144Hz monitor. 2 weeks of use later and no damage of any kind, I shut the laptop and took a nap. When I came back, the screen looks like someone battered it with a baseball bat internally with a giant pixel spider web in the middle of my screen and the rest is just static.

Provided all proofs of damages undone (fans, windows,.. runs fine, looks completely healthy when turned off. I received the silent treatment for a whole week after spending one week back and fourth with them on email. Ultimately they sent an email back saying the refund is declined because the damage was done outside of the box. Like are you joking??? How am I supposed to know its broken if I'm not allowed to use it? What kind of predatory business practice is this and how is it legal?

Return in-stores are not an option if you don't live in Vancouver, which I have moved away recently. Fortunately, I bought the laptop with a US credit card and we got some good consumer protection down south.

Whatever you do, simply do not go contact their RMA department. I promise it's a waste of time. Instead, contact your bank and ask about a chargeback. We as consumers need to establish a pattern that businesses and corpocucks just can't do whatever they want.

Bought a defective graphics card but…

Bought a defective graphics card but didn't know it until I installed it well past the 15 day return window. I'll never deal with this fraud ass company again.

Their North York location sucks

I placed an online order for an in stock item and about an hour later I received an email telling me that my order had been cancelled. No reason or explanation was given. On a different occasion, I took an item back to the store for an in warranty repair. It's been almost 2 months now and I am still waiting to get my item back. When I went back to the store to ask what's taking so long, I was greeted by a lazy and rude service technician who couldn't care less about my issue and told me to keep waiting until they decide to contact me via email, however long that takes.

Staff tossed product in the air on way…

Staff tossed product in the air on way to check out with careless disregard. Gave wrong information to push multiply more expensive other product. Was breathtakingly arrogant and lazy. Will go without before shopping at Vaughan again, they have the worst employees of anywhere.

3 year "enhanced" warranty - not worth the $ or the title of "Enhanced"

I bought an ASUS computer with the 3 year enhanced warranty (warranty cost was $143.98 + tax) at the Canada Computers store in Dollard des Ormeaux on Sources Blvd. 2 weeks ago I brought my computer back to this same store because it was extremely slow.
When I went to pick up my computer on Nov 27th, we asked to speak to the store manager because we didn’t agree that we should pay for the hard drive because I had purchased the "enhanced" extended warranty. My husband and I spoke to the Manager, Danny, who informed us that the hard drive would have been free if they had sent the computer back to the manufacturer for repairs. That option was never offered to me.
After a discussion on this matter between Danny and my husband went on for several minutes, I said okay we will just take the computer and then I opened my purse to get my credit card. Incredulously at this moment, Danny pulled the computer towards himself and accused me of planning to run off with the computer. I am 70 years old and who in their right mind would ever think to do this! We were in shock at that accusation!
There were people lined up behind me and that accusation was embarrassing to say the least. I do not want to ever give Canada computers my business again. It is a shame because this store came highly recommended to me and because of poorly trained service technicians and a pretend store manager who is clearly lacking management skills, I will do my best to avoid going there in the future.
I have to believe that this is not the kind of customer service that the owners would be proud of.

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They really are piece of sharts

They really are piece of sharts, sold me a broken PC part as part of a “brand new pc”. They then charged me $45 for a diagnostics test in which they barely took the time to help identify the issue. I had to take it to a third party pc repair shop which had free diagnostics and they took a nice week to thoroughly help me out. Customer service is also insanely bad and full of cocky sharts who think they’re so good at what they do. Piece of sharts company with shartty employees

Canada computers has the absolute worst…

Canada computers has the absolute worst customer service. You will be ignored, yelled at and maybe even worse. I only buy from Canada Computers when I can't wait for shipping. Every store in Ottawa is the same, brutal.

I brought these people my just over a…

I brought these people my just over a year old laptop for a simple battery issue and found out it was just the charger which they fixed. Upon getting my laptop back and opening it for the first time I noticed that 90% of my data was missing and was now receiving error messages about my drives that I have never received before. I called the store and spoke to the extremely rude technician who stated he did not do anything to my laptop and maybe it was something I did when I got it home. I asked to speak to a manager and I got worse then the first. He specifically told me it is not his job to explain to me where all this data went and it is not his problem. He stated that I am no different then anyone else and made no attempt to assist me. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RUDE AND IGNORAT STAFF. AVIOD THIS PLACE AND SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHES. GO SOMEWHERE REPITUABLE AND WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP.


It is hard to return items in CC

I been told I have to pay 107 dollar fee to return my 300 dollar purchase

I bought a monitor from them online, which is shipped from their local warehouse. And I then find out I added the wrong model to my cart so I went to return it. The customer service told me since its a online purchase, I will have to pay for the shipping to send it to Ontario, not the local warehouse, HAVE to ship to Ontario. Their RMA window only last 10 calendar days I have to do express shipping or it won't work. So she told me my only choice is spend 107 dollar to send back my 300 dollar worth purchase. I lost it. This is the worst brand you can find cross whole Canada, worst customer service and their price was not even a real sale. They always mark up price and put a sale tag on it. Never buy from them, and plz tell your friends about it

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