Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer Review (2023)


Whenever we’re buying bikes, or cycle parts, accessories and clothing there are a number of things to check before we go ahead and buy, especially when shopping online. One of the most important factors is to make sure we read reviews of the product first. So today we’re checking out and reviewing the Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer from Evans Cycles to give you all of the key facts and figures that you need to help you decide if this is the perfect product from their Cycle Computers category to suit you and your needs.

As with any review, you want to get a feel very quickly for how well it performed as there’s nothing worse than trawling through 30 minutes of review content to find that actually the product is a load of rubbish. Thankfully for you there’s 2 positives. 1. Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer isn’t rubbish, it actually scored very highly. And 2. we’ve given you four different scores below to give you a very quick flavour of how good Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer is. There is a massive range of choice in the Cycle Computers category from Evans Cycles so it’s important to take your time reading these reviews to help you make sure you’re buying the best.

Latest Price: £49.99

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Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer reviews

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  • Key Features
  • Price Comparison
(Video) How to install a Bontrager Duotrap S on a Trek FX Aluminum Frame
  • Key Features
  • About the Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer Change the way you ride with the RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer. It’s easy to pair with compatible ANT+ sensors for real-time speed, cadence and power data so you can target more productive workouts and better recovery rides. Simple set-up and an intuitive one-button interface get you riding faster, while features such as auto start/stop and auto light control help you take charge of your ride.Key Features 2‚Äù easy-to-read screen features a programmable back light and customisable tri-field displayFeatures auto start/stop, auto clear and auto light control with customisable hands-free scan modes.Tri-field display lets you see three functions at once (speed, cadence, heart rate, power)Displays Trek Certified Service reminders based on your selected bicycle type Displays distance (trip/total), time (clock, timer) and calories burnedTrack your speed, heart rate, power, cadence (current, average, max)Includes sleek out-front mount and is also Blendr-compatibleRequires ANT+ compatible sensor such as DuoTrap S or Interchange Combo SensorTechnology Buying Guide
  • Code:601479718351 553893

As with many cyclists, be it mountain bikers, BMX riders or road cyclists we want to take the time to make sure we get the best products. Where cycling is a passion for many we often invest a lot of our time and money into the hobby. And as we know, getting the right products can give us that small competitive advantage either over our actual competitors, our mates or even just beating our own goals. But because we do invest so much in our bikes and our equipment it’s really important to buy from recognised retailers, in our most recent search, we found many products available online for ridiculously (almost laughable) prices. They were just so low that alarm bells should instantly be ringing. That’s why we only recommend buying from the retailers that you really know and trust, names like Wiggle, Chain Reaction and Evans Cycles are just some of those that we use regularly. With these retailers you know you’re in safe hands and can expect great service, great returns policies and if anything was to go wrong great customer service under a warranty claim.

But onto the reason you’re here today, let’s delve into some of the details of Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer to help you understand a bit more about where it sits in the market against some of the many alternatives that are available out there. We’re very aware that by buying our cycling stuff online that we’ve missed out on the opportunity to actually see and test the product first. This is where reviews come in to their own, as it gives us that chance to hear from other like-minded cyclists about how good or bad a product is.

As you would expect, our first and top piece of advice before buying, is to read lots and lots of Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer reviews. With a review score of 8.1 out of 10 it’s likely that there will be lots of great detailed reviews to help you. And if you find that actually the reviews are suggesting Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer isn’t right for you then there will be tons and tons of other reviews for other products in the Cycle Computers category. In fact we’ve got 6 products reviewed in this category alone.

Something that makes it particularly challenging is the vast range of choice, as mentioned above there are 6 products in the Cycle Computers category. There are also 168 products from the brand Bontrager. And then getting into the specifics even more there are 2 products from Bontrager in the category “Cycle Computers”.

  • Price Comparison

So let’s take a look at the second most important decision making tool we can use when shopping online, price. Whether your goal is to just get the cheapest Cycle Computers available, or to get the best quality at a reasonable price, there’s always going to be a need to do your research on price.

Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer price analysis

The first thing we do when looking at the price of any cycling equipment, be it the bike itself, or one of the many parts that make up a bike or even some of the clothing and accessories that go with it, is to run some price analysis to see who is selling it at the best price. (Note that as we pointed out earlier we will only look at retailers that we really trust and use regularly). The best price that we managed to find Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer was from Evans Cycles at just £49.99.

It’s then good to dig somewhat deeper into the price of the product by looking at average prices. To do this we looked at the average price you would pay for a product that fits within the Cycle Computers category. When doing this, we found the average price of the 6 products in the Cycle Computers category is £31.31. We also looked at the cheapest and most expensive options to give you an idea of where Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer sits. The most expensive we found was £49.99 and the cheapest we saw on our search was £12.9. With a price of £49.99, Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer is actually above average against the average price in this category.

(Video) How to reset the Timmer and Distance on your Bontrager RIDEtime Elite bicycle computer

We then wanted to look at the brand, Bontrager in a bit more detail. So one of our other important comparisons in our Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer review is analysing the price of products from Bontrager. During this search we discovered that the average price of a product from Bontrager was just £131.73, making Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer below average against the average prices. We also found that the most expensive product was £1099.99, however the cheapest came in at £39.99.

We then thought that we should go into a little more detail and look more specifically at the prices you’d pay for products from the brand Bontrager that feature in the Cycle Computers category. The average price of Bontrager products in the Cycle Computers category is £44.99, the highest prices option we found was £49.99 and lowest was just £39.99. Taking into consideration the average price, Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer does actually come in above average, something worth considering when you do make your decision.

Taking all of that into account it’s pretty clear why Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer scored such a great price score of 8.7/10 and why it features as one of the top recommended products in the Cycle Computers category.

Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer Reviews

So it’s clear from the key features and price analysis that we’ve run above why Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer is such a great product with such high scores. But you still need to spend the time looking through as many customer reviews as you can, it’s one of the most important (if not THE most important) steps to shopping online.

So your next step now is to head over to Evans Cycles and read as many Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer reviews as you can. Just click the “View Reviews” button now. And if you go on to buy it, please drop us a line in the comments section, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer really is a great buy, and at a price of just £49.99 it has definitely earned the overall score of 8.7 out of 10 rating.

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