AWS Competitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (2023)

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AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (2)

Introduction to AWSCompetitors

The following article provides an outline for AWS Competitors.Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a cloud-based computing platform provided by Amazon. It offers a reliable, quick, cost-effective and flexible cloud computing infrastructure for developers and various businesses. A wide variety of such services are offered by Amazon that helps in the quick business movement at very low costs. One of the best features of AWS is that the billing is only for usage. AWS was started by Amazon in 2006 long before any of the other current cloud service providers.

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Top Competitors of AWS

Some top competitors of AWS are mentioned below:

1. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (3)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest and enormously growing cloud-computing platforms in the market. GCP offers a wide variety of robust bunch of technologies and solutions which makes businesses much easier and quicker. GCP is considered as the topmost competitor of AWS as they provide a wide variety of cloud services to the users.


  • It provides world-class security which reduces the risks involved.
  • It provides multi-cloud facilities.
  • Fully managed, serverless, and simplified services.
  • Easy-to-use machine learning and artificial intelligence services.
  • Fully integrated with various leading open-source software.

2. Microsoft Azure

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (4)

Azure is a set of cloud computing services introduced by Microsoft in 2010. Azure helps developers and businesses to meet their business challenges. Microsoft Azure helps you in building, managing, and deploying on a massive global network using the frameworks and tools. Azure is a flexible and open-source cloud platform that lets you develop, store data, manage services, and host solutions.


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  • Azure has a uniquely proactive approach to compliance, privacy, and security.
  • For SQL Server and Windows Server AWS is five times more expensive compared to Azure.
  • Azure’s pricing is pretty comparable to AWS pricing in all other comparable services.
  • You can use any open-source tools, languages, and OS on the Azure platform.
  • It provides a high level of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

3. IBM Cloud

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (5)

IBM Cloud is a powerful set of advanced AI and data tools. IBM Cloud offers over 170 services and products including IoT, blockchain, containers, and data. They provide you many ways to improve your data value with AI and new insights. IBM Clouds spans over private, public, and hybrid environments.


  • Transfer of files between their 46 global data centers is easy and is free of cost.
  • Files are stored on highly secured cloud servers, which eliminates the need for local copies.
  • Remote access capabilities can be gained away from the factory or plant.
  • Total cost-per-seat is considerably low for animation, finishing, and editing.
  • Remote access for Computer-Aided Design applications (CAD).

4. Oracle Cloud

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (6)

Oracle Cloud offers a wide variety of integrated and innovative cloud services. Oracle Cloud is a Generation 2 cloud enterprise that offers robust networking and computes performance and other platform cloud services. Oracle’s Generation 2 cloud platform is optimized and built for helping businesses to develop and deploy applications with high security. Oracle Cloud offers unmatched security, cost savings, and performance with its unique capabilities and architecture.


  • Oracle Cloud offers a market-leading price and performance and an intensive value to its customers.
  • Oracle Cloud offers high-level security to its customers and protects all sensitive data for years.
  • It is an open-source cloud, that lets its customers run Oracle software or any third-party applications or even open-source options without any trade-offs.
  • It supports hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.
  • It offers generation 2 mission-critical management of data in the cloud.
  • It also provides high levels of security against cyber-attacks

5. VMware Cloud

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (7)

VMware Cloud is a complete cloud management platform. VMware Cloud manages the entire application portfolio over hybrid and public clouds. They provide the best cloud to meet your application and business requirements. It allows the customer to maximize their profit. They let you manage your workload from a single environment.


  • VMware Cloud helps in gaining insights across both private and public clouds and lets you know about the deployment of applications and the management of resources.
  • They use one and only one security and operational model across private and public cloud platforms to reduce complexity, minimize risks, and improve ROI.
  • They let you deploy any application to and from any cloud without any conversions, changes, and re-architectures and simplifies the strategies of application modernization.
  • With stable security policies and models, VMware Cloud reduces vulnerabilities and risks across various applications and core infrastructures.

6. Dell Technologies Cloud

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (8)

Dell Technologies Cloud is a collection of cloud service and infrastructure solutions in combination with Dell EMC and VMware infrastructure. Dell Technologies Cloud is built to simplify hybrid cloud environments for deploying and managing applications. Along with Dell Cloud Technologies, Dell also offers Dell Technologies Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure in a single place. Dell Technologies Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure supports a data-first attitude and helps in modernizing your current Information Technology operations.

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  • Dell Technologies Cloud helps to increase the agility of your business.
  • It also helps in the acceleration of time to market.
  • It offers reduced business risks.
  • It also optimizes cloud economics.
  • Dell Technologies Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure protects and stores your data in a multi-cloud platform.
  • It helps in modernizing your infrastructure.

7. Alibaba Cloud

AWSCompetitors | Top 7 Competitors of AWS With Respective Features (9)

Alibaba is one of the largest cloud computing service providers in China offered by Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud offers a set of cloud computing services for powering both Alibaba’s own e-commerce platforms and international user’s businesses. Alibaba Cloud was declared as the official Cloud Service Provider of the International Olympic Committee in 2017.


  • Alibaba Cloud lets you achieve quick results.
  • It offers high-level data protection and data backup.
  • It also provides high reliability in data storage and stability of applications.
  • It provides complete permission on management options with various management options.


We had a walk-through over top seven competitors of AWS cloud computing services. Each of these Cloud Service Providers has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users or Developers can choose between these Cloud Service Providers according to their convenience and requirements.

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