2022 Good Paying Jobs That Will Hire Felons (2023)

Finding a good job with a felony conviction can be a real struggle. However, there are a number of different high paying jobs for felons out there. Particularly, the IT industry is open to hiring qualified ex-cons, and many high-tech companies are willing to overlook a good candidate’s criminal background.

While it is true that high salary, white collar jobs are very hard to land if you are a felon, it is relatively easier in IT.

Because of a new initiative, called “Fair Chance Business Pledge” that was launched by the White House in April 2016, a number of very large tech companies, have pledged NOT to discriminate against applicants who have a felony.

This guide is for felons who want to learn how they can get their foot in the door with an IT company, and start earning much better pay than most other felon-friendly jobs.

Best jobs for felons in information technology

Here are the top job opportunities you should consider applying for if you have a felony conviction:

1. Network support administrator: in the modern wired world, network support specialists are like secretaries. They run the computer systems networks for businesses large and small. They also set up new networks, install computer software, and troubleshoot various types of networks if they are down.

Pay range: $25-45 per hour

2. Database administrator (DBA): more and more companies rely of the cutting edge skills of DBAs to help with their daily operations. Using special software programs (these vary depending on the industry), database administrators organize and store critical data for the company and make it available to users and employees. Often DBA’s are tasked with creating an entirely new database for a company’s growing needs.

Pay range: $30-50 per hour

3. Computer programmer: programmers create and write code for new computer software. They also test and correct the code to make sure that the software is working properly and that there are no bugs. There are different coding languages, and most programmers specialize in one two. The most popular languages today are Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, and Ruby.

Pay range: $35-60 per hour

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4. App developer: mobile app development is one of the fastest growing fields with a lot of high paying jobs. Many companies hire app developers to develop programs for their customers both on iPhone and Android. There are also developers that create gaming and other entertainment apps.

Pay range: $30-50 per hour

5. Web developer: this is one of the best jobs in the technology and information sector. The main responsibility of a web developer is to create and design websites. You work out the visual design along with the back-end: usability, functions, navigation, layout, etc.

Pay range: $30-60 per hour

Tip: keep in mind that many employers run a credit check to see if a candidate is reliable and trustworthy. Having bad credit can greatly diminish your chances of a job offer, even if you have the right skills for the job. Learn how to rebuild your credit and get the job you really want!

List of tech companies that hire felons

Here is a list of the largest corporations in the US that have a history of hiring felons for computer, IT, tech support and related jobs.

Compaq Computer
Dell Corporation
United Airlines

Many smaller companies that are not in the business of information technology per se, still have IT departments that provide computer and network support to the employees. These companies may hire a number of tech support personnel to help with daily system operations and management.

2022 Good Paying Jobs That Will Hire Felons (1) What this means in practical terms is that these companies will evaluate your application and will give you a fair shot at the job based on your qualifications, education and experience. You will not be automatically rejected because you have a felony!

So if you already have training in IT, or are planning to pursue a college degree in this fields of computer science, network administration, or technology development, you should know that you will have work opportunities available.

It important to keep in mind, that computer science and information technology are one of the most competitive fields to get into, so you have to have very strong skills to be selected.

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Benefits of high-tech jobs for felons

Growing job sector: IT continues to experience more growth than other fields, which means that new jobs are constantly being created. This year, a large online job search engine, Monster, identified application/software developers as one of the 10 fastest-growing job titles for 2019.

Good pay: IT industry is so competitive because of the high salaries it offers. Starting pay is at least $20-25/hr, and the average rate is about $35-45/hr

Employers care MOST about your ability to get the job done: This means that if you work hard and have solid skills, you can be successful. You personal history will not be of primary importance to many employers.

No need for a prestigious college diploma or certificate. Again because employers place the emphasis on skills and results, many are not looking for you to have a B.A. in computer science of engineering from a top university. This means you can take online courses, get an online associates or BA degree, etc. If you are willing to work hard and teach yourself, you can be as good as someone who has an expensive 4-year degree.

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Felons learning to code:

3 Tips on passing the job interview

In addition to demonstrating that you are qualified for the job you need to be prepared and proactive about discussing your felony. Here is what you can do to create the best impression and convince the HR manager why they should hire you.

1. Be honest: It is best to honestly state that you have a felony during the initial interview. Briefly explain what happened and make it a point to describe in detail how you have changed and became a better person after this experience.

This may be the factor that determines whether or not you will be hired. The worst thing you can do is not to disclose your felony and just let the HR find out about it through the Background Check. In this case, the chances of you getting that job will ZERO.

2. Get rid of visible tattoos: Having gang-related and anti-social tattoos is one of the top factors that prevents many felons from getting a white collar a job.

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Remember, the HR manager is looking to see if you have made the transition from the prison-world back to society, and visible tattoos will not work in your favor. There are numerous tattoo removal programs in different states that will help you remove your tattoos free of charge.

3. Understand the background check: Yes, there will be a criminal background check. However, more and more IT companies are willing to consider the details of a particular case, such as:

1. how long ago was your felony

2. what type crime you committed and the details surrounding the offense

3. whether or not you are a repeat offender

4. whether your crime is in any way related to the job you are applying for

Hopefully, all of these factors can play in your favor, especially if you have been very honest and forthcoming about your past.

Watch this video for more ideas:

Other job opportunities in IT

In addition to trying to get a job with one of the big companies listed above, don’t lose sight of other viable opportunities in IT.

Small companies: there are hundreds of small to mid-size companies that either offer IT services and/or have IT departments. In particular, they are located in the Silicon Valley, and in the following tech hubs across the USA:

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1. Seattle
2. Boston
3. Burlington, VT
4. Austin, TX
5. Fort Collins, CO
6. Provo, UT
7. Corvallis, OR,
8. San Francisco and the Bay Area
9. Boulder, CO
10. New York
11. Chicago

Start-ups: some of the best paying jobs for felons can be at a start-up company. While a start-up may not pay as well as an established company, you will still earn more money than in most other types of jobs.

Moreover, a start up may be more willing to overlook your personal history, if you have the skills they are looking for. Also, people that work in these companies are often more approachable and understanding of different circumstances, as compared to HR managers in larger firms, where there are many rules, policies and protocols that need to be followed.

Cities that have very large numbers of start-ups are:

– San Francisco Bay Area, California
– Boston, Massachusetts
– San Jose, California
– Boulder, Colorado,
– Nashville, Tennessee

Internships: while this is not ideal, especially if you are pressed for money, starting your IT career with an internship may be a good way to get your foot in the door. This will give you something great to put on your resume and will be another reason to overlook your felony.

Consulting/Freelancing: one of the best ways to find success in IT and avoid getting turned down from jobs because of your felony is to start your own freelancing business.

There are many niches to choose from, such as: web development, app development, design, computer repair, database administrator, etc. All you need is your skills and one or two satisfied clients who will serve as great references for future jobs. Successful consultants can make $120K or more.

Making career plans while still in prison

If you are still serving your sentence but are looking into career opportunities to pursue once you get out, you can start learning an IT skill while still in prison. If you are incarcerated in California, ask about a program called Code.7370. This is a government sponsored program which trains prisoners in HTML, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Python and other technologies.

Code 7370 is an initiative that has been started by a none profit organization, called The Last Mile. The organization has partnered with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to provide prisoners IT training that can help them get a good paying jobs once they are out.

If you are not in California, you should inquire about IT skills training opportunities that may be available to you. If there are none, you can take online self-training Tech Job Courses on Udemy.com. Many beginners courses are FREE. These classes are a great way to try out programming or design, to see if this is something you like and are good at.

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What degree is best for a felon? ›

The list below highlights degree options for ex-offenders.
  • Construction Management. Many construction companies do not perform background checks. ...
  • Counseling. Some agencies hire ex-offenders as counselors to help those who are currently incarcerated. ...
  • Computer Science. ...
  • Culinary Arts. ...
  • Graphic Design.

What jobs can you do with a criminal record? ›

Criminal Record jobs in London
  • Recovery Worker - Criminal Justice. ...
  • Paralegal - Criminal Department. ...
  • Female Security Officer. ...
  • E Cargo Bike Rider. ...
  • Amazon Flex Delivery Driver - Earn £13 - £17 per hour* ...
  • Criminal Exhibit Officer. ...
  • Passenger Service Agent.

What is the best state for felons to get jobs? ›

They make the most felon friendly states.
  • California. California is a haven for felons thanks to the 7-year limit on background checks and no salary cap. ...
  • Kansas. ...
  • Massachusetts. ...
  • Nevada. ...
  • New York. ...
  • Texas. ...
  • Washington. ...
  • New Mexico.

Can felons work at Walmart? ›

Despite your past, you can land your dream job at Walmart. To get a Walmart job, you'll have to submit a background check. Walmart will review your criminal record, driving record, and financial records. Walmart does not hire felons for entry-level positions.

Can a felon get a passport? ›

Specifically, under 22 U.S. Code § 2714, a person convicted of a federal drug offense, or a state felony drug offense can be denied issuance of a U.S. passport when they are imprisoned or on parole or supervised release as a result of their conviction.

How can a felon make a resume? ›

Creating a Resume for Felons
  1. Use the functional format. Don't use the chronological style or your job search will suffer. This does not mean you must hide the truth on your stay in prison. ...
  2. Focus on the job you want. Cite each skill that you can offer. ...
  3. Watch your words. Take this to heart.

Can a felon be a scientist? ›

If a felony isn't disclosed but is found on a background check, this constitutes fraud and is punishable by law. It is a crime to falsify an application, and could result in being sent back to prison. In order to be successful as a biologist, it is essential for felons to be honest about their background.

Can a felon be an underwater welder? ›

Yes, there is a decent chance to become a welder with a felony conviction. Welding is an industry that has a strong history of giving work opportunities to felons.

Can you get a police job with a criminal record? ›

Criminal convictions and cautions

All convictions, cautions (including any received as a juvenile), involvement in any criminal investigation and bind-overs imposed by a court must be declared. They don't automatically mean you'll be rejected from joining the police service.

What jobs can I not get with a criminal record? ›

Some examples of jobs that are exempt from the act, meaning that employers may need to know about convictions even if they are spent are:
  • Jobs which involve working with children.
  • Jobs in the legal system.
  • Jobs in healthcare.
  • Jobs in accounting.
  • Some transport jobs (such as taxi drivers)
3 Aug 2022

How long does a criminal record last? ›

If the person was 18 years of age or older at the time of the offense (i.e. legally considered to be an adult), then the conviction will be expunged from their record 11 years after the conviction date (not the offense date).

Where is the best place for felons to live? ›

List of The Most Felon Friendly States
  • Montana – No Salary Cap.
  • Nevada – $20,000 per year salary cap.
  • New Hampshire – $20,000 per year salary cap.
  • New Mexico – $20,000 per year salary cap.
  • New York – $25,000 per year salary cap.
  • Texas – $75,000 per year salary cap.
  • Washington – $20,000 per year salary cap.
15 Feb 2018

Who has the most felonies in the United States? ›

Here are the states that currently have the highest population of felons.
  1. Texas. This might not be surprising to some people because Texas is such a big state. ...
  2. Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin is number two in the United States in terms of having the highest felon population total. ...
  3. North Carolina.
20 Feb 2018

How many Americans have a felony? ›

The total disenfranchised population rose from 3.3 million in 1996 to 4.7 million in 2000, to 5.4 million in 2004, to 5.9 million in 2010, and 6.1 million in 2016. Today, we estimate that 5.2 million Americans are disenfranchised by virtue of a felony conviction.

Is Coca Cola felon friendly? ›

Yes, they hire felons.

Does Coke hire felons convicted? ›

Do you hire felons ? Yes they do, Coca Cola is a great company for Felons who want to get on the right path.

Can a felon take a cruise? ›

Short Answer: Yes, a felon can go on a cruise but not all types of cruises. It depends on the type of cruise and what the destinations, or ports you will be visiting while on the cruise ship. Not all ports and countries will allow US felons on their soil or waterways.

Can I go to Jamaica with a felony? ›

Jamaica encourages felons to travel to the country with a clean record and a valid passport. Felons must follow all rules and guidelines while their stay in the country. Anyone with mental illness cannot seek entry in Jamaica. Felons can travel to Jamaica after they meet specific conditions of their probation.

What countries are felon friendly? ›

You can travel to the following countries if you are a convicted felon:
  • Brazil.
  • Cambodia.
  • Chile.
  • Egypt.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Indonesia.
  • Ireland.

Can you go to Canada with a felony? ›

Any American that has a felony conviction on their criminal record may not be permitted entry into Canada unless they have received special permission from the Canadian Government.

How do you address a convicted felon in a job interview? ›

It is up to you, but we recommend honesty. On the application, write ”will discuss in interview” rather than a lengthy explanation of past convictions. In an interview, keep explanations brief, and stress what you have learned from your conviction and time in prison, how you have changed, and your skills or assets.

Can a convicted felon work for the US government? ›

Yes, you can work for the Federal Government if you have a criminal record and were formerly incarcerated. People with criminal records are eligible to apply to most federal jobs, however there are some exceptions.

Should I put that Im a felon on my resume? ›

Don't mention your criminal record: Avoid mentioning the felony conviction on your resume. Employers may run a background check or ask about felonies during other parts of your application, but use your resume to focus on your professional qualifications.

Can you be a felon and work for Google? ›

Yes, Google does sometimes hire felons.

The company does perform a background check during the hiring process, so it will be aware of any convictions.

Can a felon be an actor? ›

Felony convictions aren't a legal barrier to working in entertainment. Stars including actor Tim Allen and rapper L'il Kim have served jail time for felonies. Successful entertainers have rap sheets that include drug dealing, perjury and rape.

Can you be a phlebotomist with a felony in Texas? ›

While there are some positions in patient care that felons are not allowed to hold, there are many others that they are qualified for. For example, a felon could work as a medical assistant, a dental assistant, or a phlebotomist. They could also work in administrative roles in hospitals or doctor's offices.

Can you be a Navy SEAL with a felony? ›

All Navy SEALS must pass an extensive background investigation. The candidate must be able to obtain a proper security clearance. The Navy considers a felony conviction an automatic disqualification for all candidates, regardless of the job.

Can a felon become a programmer? ›

Yes, becoming a computer programmer is a possibility for you as a felon. It's the type of field that doesn't require a license or certification. There are many training opportunities available through universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

How much does a welder make? ›

According to PayScale, welders earn a median salary of around $48,000 per year or $22.17 per hour while welders working in construction sites make about $54,000 per year or $24.97 per hour.

Can I do a background check on myself? ›

Yes. Better Future by Checkr gives candidates the opportunity to request a background check on themselves for free. We believe that everyone has a right to know what information of theirs could come up during the employment process.

What disqualifies you from being a police officer? ›

Felony convictions. Serious misdemeanors. Current drug use or past drug abuse. Dishonorable discharge from military service.

Can I join the police with tattoos? ›

If you have larger visible tattoos on your hands or back of the neck which cannot be easily covered then these may mean you unable to join us. Once you have joined we will sometimes require you to cover up your tattoos for policing events such as ceremonial events.

Can you be turned down for a job because of criminal record? ›

Being refused a job

There is no legal concept of 'discrimination on the basis of having a criminal record', as there is for discrimination on the grounds of age or disability. Your treatment, therefore, will only create a legal claim if it would do so for someone without a criminal record.

Does a criminal record mean you lose your job? ›

A criminal conviction should not automatically result in your losing your job and an employer should not immediately take this course of action. All employers have a legal duty to act responsibly, follow their own procedures and avoid a 'kneejerk' reaction.

Does your criminal record clear after 5 years? ›

You can apply to have your criminal record expunged when: a period of 10 years has passed after the date of the conviction for that offence.

How do I get a criminal record off my background check? ›

A criminal record can be cleared in one of two ways: either by having the record sealed or getting the crimes expunged. The difference between the two is that the former closes off the record from public access, whereas the latter makes it seem as if the conviction or arrest never existed.

How do you get your record expunged? ›

A person seeking to have an arrest or criminal conviction expunged from their record usually has to fill out a petition or application, and then submit all required paperwork to the criminal court. Once they have done that, a judge will review the application and make a decision.

Can felons live abroad? ›

Convicted felons may face travel restrictions that limit their ability to move freely. However, in most cases, felons that have served their sentence can enter other countries, assuming they have a valid passport. There are exceptions to this, with some countries explicitly prohibiting the ability of felons to enter.

Can felons move to another country? ›

To move out of the country a felon will need a valid passport. And a visa from a foreign nation.

What state has the most felons per capita? ›

Here are the 10 states with the highest prison populations:
  • Texas - 135,906 Prisoners (2020)
  • California - 97,328 Prisoners (2020)
  • Florida - 81,027 Prisoners (2020)
  • Georgia - 47,141 Prisoners (2020)
  • Ohio - 45,036 Prisoners (2020)
  • Pennsylvania - 39,357 Prisoners (2020)
  • Arizona - 37,731 Prisoners (2020)

Which felony is the most serious? ›

The most serious felonies, such as first-degree murder, are a capital crime where the defendant could receive life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

What is the biggest felony you can get? ›

Felonies classified as “Class A” or “Level One” are the most serious crimes, short of death penalty crimes. They incur long prison sentences and hefty fines.

What is the most common felony? ›

The 4 Most Common Types of Felony Offenses
  • #1: Drug Crimes. Although there have been recent changes in state laws, including Arizona, that now make some drug crimes misdemeanors, many drug crimes can lead to felony charges. ...
  • #2: Violent Crimes. ...
  • #3: Theft. ...
  • #4: Sex Crimes.
10 Jan 2022

Can felons get a passport? ›

Most convicted felons and ex-felons can get a passport. However, even if you are issued a passport, it does not mean that you will be able to travel anywhere you wish. Many countries refuse to let convicted felons enter their borders, both for public safety and for political reasons.

What percent of felons are black? ›

Key Statistics: Percent of Black Americans in the general U.S. population: 13% + Percent of people in prison or jail who are Black: 38% +

Are felons still US citizens? ›

A felon is a person who has been convicted of a felony, which is a serious crime punishable by death or a minimum term of one year in state or federal prison. Most felons are U.S. citizens. The majority of them are born in the U.S. and are citizens since birth.

Can a felon go to college in Texas? ›

Absolutely, you can go to college if you have a felony. While it's true that it may lower your chances of getting into some colleges, many schools will still accept applicants with criminal convictions. There is no law or regulation barring criminals from attending college.

What is computer science degree about? ›

Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.

What can felons not do? ›

A person may not vote, serve on a jury, obtain commercial driver's licenses, possess a gun or join the U.S. armed forces.

Can you be a lawyer with a felony? ›

The short answer is yes! A convicted felon can become licensed to practice law, though not in all states. As of 2015, only three states and one territory outright ban convicted felons from ever becoming lawyers: Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Can a felon hunt in Texas? ›

State Law. Under Texas state law, if you have been convicted of a felony, you cannot possess a firearm in your residence until five years has gone by from the date your sentence was completed. In other words, you can possess a firearm in your home five years after you finished your prison or parole sentence.

Which computer job pays the most? ›

The 15 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2022
  • Data security analyst. ...
  • Data scientist. ...
  • Network/cloud architect. ...
  • Network/cloud engineer. ...
  • Senior web developer. ...
  • Site reliability engineer. ...
  • Systems engineer. ...
  • Software engineer.
5 Jan 2022

Is it hard to get a job with a computer science degree? ›

You may be wondering, is it hard to find a job with a computer science degree. What are the job prospects? According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the field of computer science and information technology will see job growth of 13% between 2020-2030.

What computer science job pays the most? ›

Highest-Paying Jobs for MS in CS Graduates
  • Security Engineer. ...
  • DevOps Engineer. ...
  • Computer Scientist. ...
  • Mobile Application Developer. ...
  • Android Software Developer/Engineer. ...
  • Software Development Engineer (SDE) ...
  • Senior Software Web Developer. ...
  • Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET) Average Annual Salary: $83,070.
15 Feb 2021


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